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Vintage Baseboard Registers

PLEASE NOTE: Mission Metalworks has indefinitely discontinued production of the gravity baseboard registers. Production complexities have significantly increased the cost to manufacture the gravity baseboard registers; rendering them uneconomical under current conditions. Mission Metalworks continues to research options and we hope to offer them again in the future. We will update this page if/when the situation changes.

Mission Metalworks vintage baseboard registers are authentic reproductions of gravity baseboard registers that are common in old homes throughout America. These antique heat registers are especially common in bungalow homes from the Arts & Crafts period.

Vintage baseboard registers are also known as gravity registers because they were originally used with central gravity furnaces. In most old homes, gravity furnaces have been replaced with modern forced-air heating and cooling systems but the old baseboard registers remain in place. Although the antique baseboard registers are usually scratched, worn, and beaten, they remain installed because suitable replacements have been out of production until now.

Renewed interest in restoring old homes has brought about a need for quality reproduction baseboard registers. Mission Metalworks recognized this need and now offers authentic reproductions of these once common registers. Mission Metalworks new reproduction baseboard registers are attractive, functional, and economical. Maintain the charm of the original gravity baseboard registers by restoring them with Mission Metalworks handsome reproduction gravity baseboard registers.

I just received the four baseboard registers I ordered…and I wanted to let you know that they're perfect! I had looked and looked for the right style of register for our 1918 bungalow, and I was so pleased when I stumbled on your website. These registers are probably exactly like the ones that were in the house before somebody "updated" it 30 years ago. We opened the first one and had to carry it around and set it in front of all the gaping holes in the wall downstairs so we could stand back and admire the effect. Thanks!

Stephanie B.

All of our gravity style reproduction baseboard registers include the following features:

  • Solid steel construction.
  • Thumb-actuated damper.
  • Single valve damper provides airflow control.
  • Damper is contoured to add strength and stability.
  • Tension screws to adjust damper operation.
  • Durable baked-on flat black or white powder coat finish.
  • Available in two common sizes.
  • Two authentic reproduction grill choices.
  • Grill can be removed to clean the duct.
  • Includes mounting hardware.

Antique gravity baseboard registers rested on the finished floor and were fastened to the wall with wood screws. The baseboards usually butted up against the sides of the heat register. To match existing trim, it is important to consider the overall size of the register. However, it is also important to measure the duct to be certain that the damper will open into the duct behind the heat register. Mission Metalworks reproduction gravity baseboard registers are offered in the following common sizes:

Overall Size 13" wide x 12" high 15" wide x 12" high
Overall Depth 2 1/4" bottom (7/8" top) 2 1/4" bottom (7/8" top)
Duct Size 10" wide x 8" high 12" wide x 8" high
Grille Styles Grid, Cathedral Grid, Cathedral
Part Number BBRG1312xx, BBRC1312xx BBRG1512xx, BBRC1512xx
Colors Black, White Black, White
  Black Grid Gravity Baseboard Register
Grid register shown in black.
White Grid Gravity Baseboard Register
Grid register shown in white.
  White Cathedral Gravity Baseboard Register
Cathedral register shown in white.
Black Cathedral Gravity Baseboard Register
Cathedral register shown in black.